Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tragicomedy Produced by Unethical Crimes in U.S.: News Analyst

Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- The chief for Secret Service of the U.S. White House resigned from office after being reprimanded by the president and Congress recently.
    He was charged with irresponsible protection of the president.
    Recently there were a series of failures in security service that stunned Obama.
    An armed ex-convict dressed like a member of the Secret Service approached Obama on September 16 only to be discovered later to kick off a row and provoke public laughter.
    Three days later a man in his 40s with a dagger in his hand crossed the fence of the White House and ran 180ms to reach the place where the president was making a speech, but everybody was not aware of what was going on.
    Three years ago a robber fired a bullet into the White House building, breaking a window on the second floor and damaging part of the building. But the presidential guards were not aware of this incident even after the lapse of several days.
    This case sparked off a flurry of censure that such happening is absolutely intolerable in the White House and it discredited the Secret Service.
    This means that the guards are entirely to blame for the case as they remained idle and easy-going.
    But this is nothing but a trick to hush up the acts of turning the whole U.S. land into a theatre of horrible crimes and evade the responsibility for them.
    The indolent attitude of the guards stems from the unethical acts of the U.S. policy-makers.
    The U.S. is a cesspool of crimes.
    In 2012 alone there occurred 1 214 464 high-profile crimes in the U.S. More than 30 000 people die and over 200 000 people get wounded due to gun-related crimes every year.
    But the politicians and big conglomerates defy the demand of the people for enforcing restrictions on guns, bringing profits to them.
    Common people are struck with horror due to man-killing taking place every minute while the privileged class seeks a more luxurious life. This is the reality of the corrupt American society.
    The members of the Secret Service who are accomplices of the privileged class do not consider gun reports in streets of Washington as a warning against tension.
    The Washington Post on September 27 said that during the 2011 White House shooting incident guards were not on an alert posture upon hearing gunfire. They just guessed someone fired his gun nearby.
    The situation goes to prove that the recent incident is no more than a tragicomedy produced by the unpopular and unethical acts of the U.S. authorities.
    The arch criminals driving people into death through all sorts of crimes are none other than the privileged class and their fate is so wretched that their unethical acts are precipitating their doomsday.
    Watching this tragicomedy, the world is deriding and censuring the U.S. for its poor human rights situation. -0-

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