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The Songun politics of People's Korea because they are  of worldwide significance assume a global dimension . Today the world is in a state of constant turmoil due to the constant intervention in many countries by the US imperialists under the guise of so-called “anti terror war “.  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) which is today led by the  dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is on the front-line between socialism and imperialism The Korean peninsula is a region of great significance due to its geopolitical position , it serves as a gateway , bridgehead to the Asian continent .
Songun politics was pioneered by the the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung the eternal president
of the DPRK  who expounded that independence and revolution are advanced by force of arms declaring at the start of the anti -Japanese armed struggle that “Weapons are our life and soul: Oppose armed force with armed force!”. There can be no peaceful road to independence and
national liberation nor can there be a peaceful transition to socialism .Songun politics is fully
cognizant of these facts.
 Songun politics were developed in depth by the great generalissimo Kim Jong Il who began his Songun-based revolutionary leadership some 54 years ago at the Seoul Ryu Kyong no 105 tank division of the Korean People's Army(KPA), this was the unit of the KPA that was one of the
first to liberate Seoul during the Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialists.

 Songun politics is the cutting edge of anti-imperialist politics in today's world  and a powerful and correct way to accomplish the cause of socialism. It is the Songun politics of the DPRK that is
inspiring a new era of anti-imperialist, anti-US struggle in the world  as Songun politics
shows the way to victory in the confrontation with US imperialism. As the great
leader comrade Kim Jong Il said
Songun politics, which opposes imperialist aggression and war policies and defends the independence of the country and the nation, is winning broad support among public circles and the progressive peoples of the world. It gives a blow to the aggressive forces of imperialism and encouragement to the anti-imperialist independent forces in the international arena, stimulating the cause of making the whole world independent.”
   Songun politics is totally opposed to compromise with or collaboration with imperialism . During
the 1960s modern revisionism appeared which preached so-called 'peaceful co-existence ' which
basically meant giving in to imperialism but the DPRK inspired by Songun maintained an unswerving anti-imperialist line . When others were shaking the hands of the US imperialists
and wining and dining with them  the DPRK captured the US spy ship “Pueblo “ and shot
down the EC121.

The first and foremost accomplishment of Songun Politics was to halt US ambitions to stifle the DPRK and to dominate the world community. After the collapse of the USSR and its Warsaw Pact allies, the US imperialists focused their attention upon the DPRK with the clear intention of destroying the outpost of socialism and independence.  The US imperialists drunk with arrogance
following the frustration of socialism in the USSR and elsewhere saw the DPRK as a thorn in
the side of their so-called New World Order. To them the DPRK which upholds anti-imperialism,
independence and socialism is a target to be destroyed.
Since  the end of "Cold War Era" US imperialism became more belligerent  and aggressive with interventions against many countries such as  Panama,Somalia,Serbia,Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States has had a long bloody catalogue of aggression of over 200 invasions in small and developing countries since 1945. Some people thought that why the end of the of the cold war
the US imperialists would become less aggressive but the opposite was true.
                     Turning their attentions to the DPRK  the US imperialists  put pressure on the DPRK over the the nuclear issue .starting in the early and mid 1990s. Tensions ran high so a semi-war situation announced by Kim Jong Il in March 1993 which smashed to pieces these ventures of the US imperialists to destabilize the DPRK. Later on in October 1994 the US was forced by the Songun politics to the negotiating table and signed the Framework Agreement on the nuclear issue with the DPRK.
Nevertheless the US imperialists still persisted in their aggressive and domintationist designs towards the DPRK coming up with with such nuclear war stratagems aimed at the DPRK as Operation 5027 and carried out large scale exercises like "Team Spirit" and "Rimpac". US neo-conservatives spoke with a lot of arrogance about the dawning of "A New American Century" and "globalization based upon the US model". The ruling circles of the USA thought that the "peaceful transition strategy away from socialism to capitalism" would work with the DPRK as it did with some other countries. In 1998 the general staff of the Korean People's Army issued the statement
KPA will answer U.S. aggression forces 'challenge with annihilating blow “ which said that
that Now that the U.S. imperialists, having thrown off the mask of "dialogue" and "negotiation," are bringing the situation to the brink of war, we solemnly declare with the dignity of Juche Korea that our revolutionary armed forces will never pardon the challenge of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces but answer it with an annihilating blow. The aggressors will never escape the fate of forlorn wandering spirits. “ This was a powerful rebuff to the US imperialists .
                   As the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il explained
“Our anti-imperialist, anti-US struggle is the grimmest war to defend the country and a war in defence of socialism. It was only the People’s Army, the revolutionary armed forces, that could perform its mission and role as the standard-bearer of Songun politics. The Songun politics of our Party embodies the high spirit of annihilating the enemy at all costs, and the unshakable conviction and will to emerge victorious, on the part of the People’s Army. It is entirely thanks to the heroic efforts of the entire army and the whole nation in single-hearted unity with the People’s Army as its core under the Party’s leadership that we could overcome the difficulties in the way of revolution and win great victories.”
                       In the 21st century the US imperialists continued with their schemes to isolate and
stifle People's Korea the bastion of Juche and socialism. The fascist Bush administration broke
up the Agreed Framework with the DPRK and declared the DPRK along with some other countries
the target a so-called “pre-emptive nuclear strike “ . The great generalissimo Kim Jong Il  upheld the revolutionary line of Songun and the Juche-based line of independence  declared that the DPRK
would take no nonsense from the US imperialists and their miserable acolytes . He ensured that
the DPRK withdrew from the one -sided “NPT “ (which had been framed up by the imperialists
and big powers ) on the 10th of January 2003. This was a most revolutionary measure that fully
asserted the DPRK's independence and  caused the US imperialists to shake with fear. Later
in 2005 the DPRK declared itself a nuclear power and proceeded to carry out nuclear tests the first one being in 2006.  The first nuclear test of the DPRK was a nuclear thunderbolt of Songun which
shook the US imperialists rigid . It was followed by a second and third nuclear test in defiance of the US imperialists and their marionette UN Security Council as well as big power chauvinists.
Korea which 100 years had disappeared from the map and had been unable to raise an army to
fight the Jap imperialists  , now became a world nuclear power .
                                   In recent years tensions on the Korean peninsula became great due to
the interference , pressure and intervention of the US imperialists as well as the provocations
of their wretched south Korean puppets. Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who declared
that “Songun is our independence, dignity and lifeblood. ” refused to yield maintaining the
strongest anti-imperialist, anti-US militant stance  which dumbfounded the US imperialists
who expected the DPRK to give in to their bullying and diktat. Dear respected Marshal
Kim Jong Un ordered the strategic rocket units of the Korean People's Army to be on alert
to strike back . Moreover dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un put forward the line of
simultaneously developing the economy and the nuclear force which was another blow to
the ambitions of the US imperialists .This line is a brilliant idea , an inspiration to
the anti-imperialist countries and socialist countries .

The DPRK has carried on the anti-imperialist struggle udner the banner of Songun in 2014.
 During 2014 the dear respected leader Marshal Kim Jong Un has unceasing given on-the spot guidance to the KPA's missile units  in defiance of the threats of the US imperialists.

Today there is no doubt that the most anti-imperialist, anti American country in the world
is the DPRK , Songun Korea .  The example of the DPRK's defiance of US imperialism
and big powers is a powerful example to those nations and peoples that fight for independence.
In a world where independence and sovereignty are continuously trampled down by US
imperialism, the chieftain of world imperialism , one country stands out as the most
independent and strong-minded the DPRK. This independence is only possible because of the
Songun politics and Songun revolutionary leadership. As dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un
said “"However fair-minded and just we are, we may become a bargaining chip for the strong and our precious history inherited with blood will lose its shine if we are weak,". It is no
use for a country to expect to rely on another country or appeal to international law. Songun
teaches us that independence is defended by the barrel of a gun , no other way .

Because of its importance and atrraction Songun Politics have become a subject for study and emulation among diverse progressive and anti-imperialist groups across the world. In many countries around the globe ,organisations are being founded committed to the study and dissemination of Songun Politics. For instance there is the UK Association for the Study of Songun Politics, the US Songun Study Group, the Ukrainian Treasured Sword of Songun Association, the Ugandan Songun Study Association and many other groups and associations throughout the world. From the ghettos of Bogota to the foothills of Kathmandu, the revolutionary torch  of Songun lit on the Mount Paektusan is now illuminating the way forward for all those fighting injustice and oppression, for independence.


Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
KFA Official Delegate UK

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