Monday, 27 October 2014

KCNA Commentary Flays U.S. Invariable Ambition for World Hegemony

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Army has worked out a new military strategy to cope with military conflicts with different countries of the world including the DPRK.
    In a recent report "Operation concept of the Army: 2020-2040" the U.S. Army defined the DPRK, Iran, Russia, China, etc. as "regional powers" with the biggest possibility to clash with the U.S. in the future and "states in the relations of competition seeking hegemony" and advanced a new operation concept calling for the U.S. forces' plan for familiarity and change pursuant to it.
    According to this new military strategy called "victory in complicated world", seven of 10 division-level commands of the U.S. forces will be deployed overseas and equipment for infantry such as transport helicopters will be massively increased to make up for the reduction of heavy weapons.
    This is touching off strong rebuff of the international community as it is a reckless act of containing those countries courting the U.S. displeasure by force of arms and realizing its ambition for world domination at any cost.
    The U.S. is now facing serious challenges externally and having a hard time.
    It is facing not a few of difficulties in carrying out its strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific as the DPRK is waging a dynamic anti-U.S. struggle to defend the sovereignty. The economic and military growth of Russia and China is posing threats to the U.S. hegemonic position. Fierce armed conflicts in the Near East are sapping the strength of the U.S.
    As all this was an inevitable product of the U.S. brigandish moves for aggression and world domination, it should have drawn a due lesson from this. But the U.S. worked out a more dangerous military strategy and has resorted to military actions, pursuant to it.
    In the above-said report the U.S. scenario for world domination has gone the lengths of openly defining armed forces of the DPRK, Iran, Russia and China as "those of enemies". A particular mention should be made of the fact that in the said report the U.S. defined China as a "country posing greatest threats to the U.S.", a country with the biggest possibility to clash with the U.S. forces. It is expressing strong caution against China's growth of military capability and military modernization, openly calling for substantial counteraction against it.
    Experts in the U.S. were unanimous in asserting that the report underscored notably the possibility of armed conflict between China and the U.S. It proves that the new military strategy is related to containing China in many aspects.
    A high-ranking official of the U.S. military said that the new military strategy included the operations for deploying armed forces now under way. The U.S. is deploying armed forces in the Asia-Pacific region in a bid to finally aim to contain China. These two facts clearly indicate what the final goal of this strategy is.
    In fact, the U.S. is busy deploying in south Korea THAAD which has China within the radius of its operation. Those concerned of the U.S. Department of Defense are openly saying that the development of ultra modern supersonic missile is aimed to cope with China's development of supersonic weapons.
    The reality proves that the U.S. is mulling finally attaining its criminal goal for world hegemony by totally containing a "state posing greatest threat" to the world.
    It is by no means fortuitous that military experts are commenting that the U.S. new military strategy making military conflict with China a fait accompli is an "operation plan simulating the third world war".
    The U.S. is the arch criminal disturbing world peace and security and the most shameless empire of evils.
    The new military strategy is driving military confrontation and contradiction between the U.S. and China into the worst phase.
    The human history branded all attempts to become the emperor of the world as a futile act of inviting a ruin.
    Many countries and regions of the world are strongly countering the U.S. moves for hegemony.
    The U.S. should properly face up to history and reality and stop acting rashly. -0-

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