Monday, 6 October 2014

Important Quote from the great leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG

" We should never fall a prey to a pacifistic mood, and ,above all must wage a resolute struggle to prevent ideological penetration of our ranks by the ideological trend of the modern revisionists who are afraid of war.
Our cadres and party members must not only become ideologically prepared but also must acquire military knowledge to cope with modern warfare. Military education is necessary not only for military personnel but for all cadres and party members alike. Our experiences in the anti-Japanese armed struggle and the Fatherland Liberation War must be systematically studied by cadres and party members . We must learn from the experience of other countries revolutionary war and in particular learn the experience of the current liberation war of the Vietnamese people and revolutionary warfare in African and Latin American countries "

KIM IL SUNG "On the 20th Anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea "

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