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A brief review of the book "Songun Internationale " written by M Jahangir Khan


                             London 19th of October Juche 103(2014)
We in the ASSPUK and Juche Idea Study Group of England are delighted to have received (electronically) a copy of the book "Songun Internationale " by M Jahangir Khan of the Bangladesh Songun Politics Study Group. Mr Khan is a noted expert on the Songun politics and the Songun idea which was pioneered by the great leader KIM IL SUNG and developed by the great leader generalissimo KIM JONG IL . Mr Khan has visited the DPRK several times including September 2013.
                          "Songun Internationale " is a daring and ambitious work which seeks to put the Songun idea and Songun policy within the context of the worldwide struggle against US imperialism .  As the author says in his introduction ;
" Global independence! This is our goal we have to take by any means.
The Commune of Paris was short-lived only for 72 days, yet Eugene Pottier’s Internationale still survives with great force.
The solemn melody of the song the warriors of the Commune could not finish to sing now reverberates with the song of Songun.
I dare to call this song the Songun Internationale. Warriors of the Commune, rise and hear the song of Songun inspiring the global independence!
Our Songun Internationale will resound throughout the world forever with all the greater force as a march for the global independence."
          Thus Songun has emerged as a new force in the international communist movement  and international anti-imperialist movement . The author explains why this is so.  A major problem in understanding Songun politics is distortion and falsification by the enemies of the DPRK who attempt to paint it as all kinds of things that it is not . M Jahangir Khan demolishes these distortions and also shows how the DPRK by dint of Songun defied all attempts of the US-led imperialists to stifle and crush it. He shows how Songun was the choice of the DPRK , the option of the DPRK rather than to be subdued by US and turned into their colonial slaves. As Mr Khan writes
" The Korean people stood at the crossroad, whether to face a showdown with the US or yield to it.
The Songun politics of Korea came into being as the most resolute anti-imperialist mode of politics for frustrating above-mentioned intense military threat of the US."
 Thus under the Songun based revolutionary leadership of the great leader generalissimo KIM JONG IL the DPRK not only defied the intense pressure of the US imperialists but faced awful natural disasters but won through in the end .
  A particular strength of the book is that it refers to concrete examples of the applicability and vitality of Songun politics from outside the borders of Korea. The author cites the tragic events in Chile as well as the frustration of socialism in the USSR and Eastern Europe. One a socialist camp stretching from East Berlin to Pyongyang existed  however this disappeared owing to revisionism  and the treachery of scumbag traitors such as Khruschov and Gorbachov. . Mr Khan explains how the ideological disarmament of the armed forces in the socialist countries took place . This illustrates that Songun is not simply about military strength, a case of simply toting up the numbers of ICBMs, tanks and submarines but a case of the ideological and political strength of the armed forces and the leadership of the party over them. The key question is the leadership of the Party over the armed forces.
               The book is rich with facts and figures. It has many strengths which outweigh any weaknesses or shortcomings of the book. It offers an excellent insight to the theory and practice of Songun politics.
Dermot Hudson
President ASSPUK
Chairman JISGE

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