Wednesday, 23 July 2014



Marshal Kim Jong Un strictly keeps the promise he made with people.
One day he looked round new aquatic products refrigerating facilities built by a unit of the Korean People’s Army as his first field guidance in Juche 103(2014).
He said he would supply fishes to the baby homes, orphanages, orphans’ primary and secondary schools and old folks’ homes across the country everyday all the year round.
For the purpose he took a measure to build a fishery station specializing in supplying fish and visited the construction site twice, solving all problems arising in the project.
In April Juche 103(2014) he visited the January 8 fishery station of the KPA just before commissioning and said with satisfaction that it was an astonishing miracle that such huge project was successfully completed in a matter of a little over two months since it was initiated so that it could go operational soon.
He also said that now our Party became able to keep the promise made with people.
Here is another story.
Visiting an air unit of the KPA, Marshal Kim Jong Un kindly complied with a request of a woman air pilot to name her new- born baby and promised to name him.
Remembering the promise, Kim Jong Un at the First Meeting of Airpersons of the KPA suggested naming her son Ri Chung Do in the meaning of going one road of loyalty indicated by the Party.
The popular traits of Marshal Kim Jong Un who named a son of an ordinary woman air pilot to keep the promise he made on the road of field guidance are told by all people of the country like a legend.
Kim Jong Un loves the people most and spares nothing for them.
The history of his affection will continue in the future too.

DPRK's Victory in Last Korean Wa

 Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea wrought world-startling miracles in the 1950-1953 Korean War, provoked by the U.S. imperialists.
    In the war, its two-year old Korean People's Army had to fight against the U.S. aggression forces who boasted of being the "strongest in the world". Involved in it from the U.S side were at least two million troops and 73 millions of tons of munitions, 11 times those consumed in the Pacific War. So, the world public described the Korean War as a "war between adult and child".
    However, the DPRK shattered to smithereens the myth of U.S. imperialism's "mightiness". Its victory in the war was entirely attributable to the distinguished military leadership of President
Kim Il Sung.
    After the outbreak of the war, the KPA countered the U.S. imperialists' surprise attack with the active and instant counteroffensive and all-out attack, under the command of Kim Il Sung possessed of gifted strategy and superb war tactics, matchless pluck and guts.
    The U.S., at the beginning of the war, boasted that it would come to an end within 72 hours, but the situation turned out unfavorable to the U.S. with the KPA's liberation of Seoul within 72 hours.
    The KPA constantly weakened the U.S. imperialist aggression forces and frustrated every reckless attack of the enemy by dint of the unique strategy and tactics initiated by Kim Il Sung.
    The strategy and tactics included besiegement employed in the combat to liberate Taejon, demolition operation behind enemy lines, tunnel tactics, aircraft-hunting and tank-hunting team movements, snipers' activity and separate heavy machine-gun team activity.
    During the war Kim Il Sung made sure that workshops were held to widely introduce the Juche-based war tactics to all the frontline areas and personally taught the war methods on his tour of inspection of the front.
    After all, the U.S. suffered a tremendous loss of troops and munitions in the Korean War, nearly 2.3 times that in the Pacific War.
    It was thanks to Kim Il Sung's great loving care that the army and people of the DPRK could fight heroically to win in the war.
    In September Juche 40 (1951) he personally climbed Mt. Jihye near Height 1211 where a KPA unit was fighting fierce battles to defend it. And he advised its commanding officer to supply warm meals to the soldiers in cool weather, saying that nothing is more precious than them. He also suggested that a frontline rest home be set up for the weak soldiers.
    Encouraged by his loving care, all the servicepersons and civilians of the DPRK turned out in the battles to defend the country, fully displaying mass heroism.
    With this history of great war victory, the DPRK led by Marshal Kim Jong Un is now making full preparation to win the final victory in the showdown with the U.S.-led imperialists. -0-

CPRK Spokesman Urges S. Korean Authorities Not to Miss Opportunity for Improving North-South Relations

    Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- The news that Marshal Kim Jong Un personally guided a match for examining the men's football of the National Sports Team to take part in the 17th Asian Games sparked off a big splash at home and abroad.
    He said that the participation of the DPRK's sportspersons in the games would serve as an important occasion in improving the relations between the north and the south and defusing distrust and that they should positively contribute to promoting reconciliation and unity of fellow countrymen through the games. All Koreans keenly realize his firm will for reunification and noble patriotism through these meaningful words.
    The decision made to send a players group and cheerleading squad to the games reflects the noble intention to rev up the atmosphere of the event to be hosted by fellow countrymen and make the games serve as an important occasion in improving the north-south relations and defusing distrust even though the situation remains tense and confrontation grows acute.
    A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) in a statement Wednesday said that the DPRK is speeding up the preparations, expecting that the games would be more enlivened with the participation of the DPRK's players group and cheerleading squad and that they would greatly contribute to mending the stalled north-south ties and promoting national reconciliation and unity.
    At the recent working-level talks the DPRK advanced the most realistic and reasonable proposals with due consideration into the present situation of the north-south relations while complying with the international practice over such technical matters as the scope of players group and cheerleading squad, travel course, means of transport, accommodation and cheering.
    As for the expenses for stay, we even envisaged using our own ship and letting it anchor in Inchon Port for lodging and boarding to lessen the burden of the south side.
    Only to find fault with the participation of the DPRK players group and cheerleading squad in the games and argue each other, wasting time without elementary understanding of the good faith of the DPRK and its efforts cannot but be viewed as a shameless act of inviting criticism and disgrace from public at home and abroad.
    If the north and the south continue finding fault each other over trifling issues at a time when the relations between the two sides are at the lowest ebb, it will never be possible for them to unravel even one of the so many tangled knots.
    If there happens such an abnormal situation where the DPRK's players group and the cheerleading squad are unable to take part in the games to be held in Inchon, an area close to the Military Demarcation Line, this will leave an indelible disgrace to the Koreans and all generations to come.
    No one should make such dishonest attempt to misuse the pure sports activities for meeting political purposes.
    Growing stronger in the country are expectation and interest of the people in the players group and cheerleading squad which are to take part in the games amid the sports enthusiasm that sweeps across the country.
    The south Korean authorities should neither miss the golden opportunity for mending the north-south relations nor cast doubt as to the sincere will of the DPRK to take part in the games to contribute to national reconciliation and unity.
    They should not try to judge it with a hostile conception.
    We will patiently approach the issue of sending the players group and cheerleading squad to the games from the viewpoint of actively contributing to achieving reconciliation and unity of the fellow countrymen and promoting friendship and peace among various countries in Asia and the rest of the world. -0-

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Imperialists Have No Qualifications to Talk about Human Rights: Rodong Sinmun

 Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) -- Confrontation and contradiction among countries are getting so serious over the human rights issue that they are spilling over into military conflicts. The imperialists are to blame for these situations. Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says this in an article.
    By origin, they have neither qualifications nor face to talk about human rights, the article notes, and goes on:
    The "human rights" touted by them are nothing but a watchword to realize their strategy for world domination. They are regarding the "human rights issue" as a lever for undisguised encroachment upon sovereignty of other countries and interference in their internal affairs.
    They are interfering in internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of "defending human rights". Their tentacles are being stretched to all fields from state politics to social life.
    They are trying to bring down even the social systems of other countries under the pretext of the "human rights issue". Anti-imperialist independent countries are the main targets of the imperialists' interference.
    Their double-dealing attitude over the human rights issue is aimed to politicize the "human rights issue" of the relevant countries and mobilize their followers to put international pressure on them in a bid to achieve regime change.
    They are regarding the "human rights issue" as a lever for political pressure and a pretext for sanctions and blockade in order to attain their purposes. They are also zealously helping those undesirable elements discontented with the social systems of the relevant countries and encouraging them in activities against their governments under the pretext of "defending human rights".
    With no rhetoric can the imperialists justify or conceal the hypocritical and aggressive nature of their talk about "human rights". -0-

Monday, 21 July 2014

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Intensifying Anti-U.S., Anti-Imperialist Class Education

   Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- The U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet group of traitors have become evermore undisguised in their moves to stifle the DPRK. This reality calls for waging a more dynamic class struggle against imperialism. Rodong Sinmun Monday says in an editorial.
    It goes on:
    The class education is an important work related to the destiny of the country, revolution and socialism.
    Only when we conduct the class education to raise the people's class consciousness uninterruptedly, is it possible to preserve the revolutionary principle and nature of socialism to the last and victoriously advance the revolution and construction under any difficult and complicated circumstance and condition.
    What does the tragic situation that socialism collapsed and capitalism was restored in some countries in the 1990s show?
    To neglect and weaken the class education is as foolish an act as digging one's own grave by oneself.
    If the ideological and class positions are pulled down, the revolutionary ranks will be disorganized, the economic and cultural positions collapse and, worse still, the gains of the revolution achieved with blood will be lost. This is a serious lesson taught by history and reality.
    The banner of Songun put up by the DPRK is the most steadfast banner of independence against imperialism and the banner of class struggle. It should always hold the arms of revolution and class in the present drive for defending socialism.
    The Korean revolution will never neglect and weaken the class education no matter how much water flow under the bridge and no matter how frequently a generation is replaced by a new one. -0

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support DPRK NDC warning against reckless moves of the US imperialists and south Korean puppets

             London 21st of July Juche 103(2014)
       The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK, Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following joint statement in support the recent statement of the DPRK National Defence Commission Policy Department  on the reckless moves of the US imperialists and their south Korean puppets;
        We support the statement of the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK) warning the US imperialists and south Korean puppets not to take issue with the legitimate self defence measures of the DPRK as it reflects the just and correct anti.imperialist stance of the DPRK .
          The recent rocket-firing drills of the KPA Strategic Rocket Force have been a great success. This have been to simply increase the self-defence capablities of the DPRK in the face of intensified US imperialist provocations and threats . No other has the right to take issue with this . Those who criticise the DPRK forget that there are over 30,000 US imperialist troops plus 1,000 nuclear weapons.
                           Last year the US and south Korea carried out military exercises virtually consecutively and this year the US again carried out "Foal Eagle/Key Resolve " and brought nuclear bombers to Korea again. The US has one of the largest arsenals of missiles in the world and carries out missile tests all the time. As the DPRK NDC statement says the arrogant attitude of the US imperialists in taking issue with the DPRK rocket tests carried out on its own soil are "nothing but a shameless act of a burglar rudely behaving in face of the master of a house trying to protect his house by himself." This eloquently sums up the brazen hypocritical and two -faced mentality of the US  which has set itself up as not only a world policeman but also an international judge and jury.
                         Regrettably some countries have allowed themselves to be sucked into the moves of the US imperialists against the DPRK . These unprincipled countries which include a country that frustrated socialism and another country which is pursuing "reform" and "opening " even compete with each other to embrace the ugly south Korean puppet regime of Park Geun Hye and flirt with it.
              It is the just revolutionary anti-imperialist and independent stance of the DPRK to take retaliatory against the ever intensfied anti DPRK moves of the US imperialists . We applaud this
UK KFA              

Sunday, 20 July 2014

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support DPRK Foreign Ministry statement on the UNSC

                                London  21st of July Juche 103(2014)

The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK, the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK  Korean Friendship Association issued a joint statement in support of the statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry of the 19th of July;
                   Our organisations,the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA , strongly support the statement made by the DPRK Foreign Ministry on the 19th of July. It is our considered position that the UN Security Council has no right to take issue with the rocket and missile launches of the DPRK as these are an issue related to the sovereignty of the DPRK . It is ridiculous to assert that the DPRK needs some kind of permission from a supra-national body of the big powers in order to defend itself .
    The UNSC has increasingly become a plaything , a marionette of the US bereft of impartiality and good sense . The UNSC has never criticised or called into question the large number of US-led military exercises in south Korea nor the huge build-up of military hardware in south Korea. Recently the US brought a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to Korean waters but no one peep was heard from the UN Security Council about this !

         As the UNSC serves the ends of the US imperialists the DPRK is left with no choice but to continue to augment its self-defence capablities and to increase the nuclear deterrent nuclear force.

            If the situation on the Korean peninsula boils over to conflict it will be the fault  of the US and its followers.