Saturday, 29 April 2017

Full Video DPRK Massive Artillery Drill With Seoul Target [CC]

For democracy in south Korea

For democracy in south Korea
The 1 119th Thursday meeting took place in Seoul on April 20 in demand of the release of prisoners of conscience and the abrogation of the "Security Law".
Speakers at the meeting called on the people to pool their efforts to elect as "president" such person who is ready to set free the prisoners of conscience and abrogate the “SL”.
Saying that the south Korean authorities imposed penalty upon the correspondents who worked hard to inform the people of the truth on charge of “SL”, they criticized it as violation of the people’s right.
Correct understanding of north Korea is a very important, however, the south Korean authorities have punished the people by invoking the “SL”, they charged that it arrests social progress and independent reunification.
They urged the "presidential" candidates to commit themselves to repealing the law.
The candlelight revolution is not finished and they should hold the candlelight for the abolition of “SL” and liquidation of corruption and irregularities, they noted.
They called for the people to launch campaign to realize genuine democracy and reunification.
The riot police, which have clamped down the one-person demo in the vicinity of US embassy in Seoul and people defending the girl statue in front of the Japanese consulate general in Busan, are target of action, they said.
On April 24, 12 105 people of all social strata in North Cheolla Province held a press conference at which they pointed out that the 19th presidential election should serve as a turning point in removing evils and making a new society in the spirit of the candlelight action.
They demanded immediate abolition of the “SL” hindering inter-Korean exchange and democratic development.

They said that they should remember suffering of the people experienced in history of division and confrontation, calling upon the people to make a fresh history of peace and reunification. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Single-hearted United Invincible Revolutionary Army

Single-hearted United Invincible Revolutionary Army
Since its foundation on April 25, 1932, the invincible Korean People’s Army has won a series of victories in the sharp confrontation with the formidable imperialists.
The military parade held on the Day of the Sun this year startled the world, demonstrating tremendous military muscle of the KPA.
Admiring the powerful might of the KPA defending the socialism firmly in defiance of high-handedness and outrage of the US-led imperialist allied forces, the world people want to know the source of its might.
It is the political and ideological superiority of servicemen who are ready to lay down their lives for the leader, country and people. The root of it is the affection and trust between the supreme commander and servicemen.
Regarding the affection for and trust in the servicemen as the basis of building up the revolutionary armed forces, supreme commander Kim Jong Un bestows his great and deep affection on them. The existence and building up of the KPA and victorious advance of Songun-based revolutionary cause are unthinkable without the prominent leadership and benevolent care of the supreme commander.
The entire army is brimming over with the revolutionary soldier spirit, the core of which is the soldiers’ absolute trust in and loyalty to their supreme commander. All the soldiers trust in their supreme commander and follow him, regarding him as their father, as the mainstay of their destiny, and are firmly rallied behind him. A well-regulated system whereby the entire army moves as one under the supreme commander’s order has been established, and all the officers and men are prepared to dedicate even their lives to their supreme commander.
South Korean people stint no words in praising the KPA. They admire that it is the only ranks full of affection and trust led by supreme commander Kim Jong Un.
No one in the world can break this steady ranks rallied with affection and trust.
Now, the KPA gets united around the supreme commander and is equipped with nuclear arms for self-defense. While the US and south Korean bellicose forces stage the largest-ever war drills against the DPRK with nukes, the strongest KPA smashes the enemy's aggressive maneuvers at every step to safeguard the dignity and security of the country with honor.
Under the wise leadership of supreme commander Kim Jong Un, unparalleled illustrious commander, the KPA will win victory after victory.

Indiscreet Act

Indiscreet Act
Days ago, the south Korean pugnacious force launched joint firing exercise at an artillery range in Pocheon of Gyeonggi Province together with the US troops.
The maneuver involved huge forces and war hardware including “A-10” and “F-15K” fighters, Apache helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles of the US forces in south Korea and south Korean troops.
Involved there was the Stryker, a swift-response brigade, that has gained notoriety in the past wars.
The south Korean warmongers have painted its joint military drill as a "defensive one," to cope with provocation of the DPRK, however, it is an actual maneuvers for mounting a preemptive strike on the latter.
The US and south Korean air forces have launched Max Thunder, the largest-ever aerial exercise from April 14 to 28.
To be involved in the drill are over one hundred planes including “F-15K”, “KF-16” and “F-16”.
The situation on the Korean Peninsula is volatile as the US has conducted Foal Eagle joint military rehearsal, while advertising the “preemptive attack” on the DPRK.
However, the US and south Korean warlike elements fail to face up the trend of the times, acting with indiscretion.
The DPRK has already declared its toughest counteraction to answer an all-out war for all-out war and a nuclear war with annihilating nuclear strike.

The US and south Korean bellicose forces should aware of their foolhardy war games against the DPRK to only precipitate their self-destruction. 

Israeli Defense Minister Denounced for Hurting Dignity of Supreme Leadership of DPRK

Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Friday gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA with regard to the reckless remarks of the defense minister of Israel hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK:
    On April 25, the defense minister of Israel said, when interviewed by a media, that Israel is directly affected by the standoff between the DPRK and the U.S., and dared hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
    The reckless remarks of the Israeli defense minister are sordid and wicked behavior and grave challenge to the DPRK.
    Israel is the only illegal possessor of nukes in the Middle East under the patronage of the U.S. However, Israel vociferated about the nuclear deterrence of the DPRK, slandering it, whenever an opportunity presented itself. This is the cynical ploy to escape the world denunciation and curse as disturber of peace in the Middle East, occupier of the Arab territories and culprit of crimes against humanity.
    The DPRK, from its principled stand on valuing independence, justice and peace, is fully supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people to achieve the legitimate rights including regaining of the occupied territories and establishing of an independent state with Kuds as its capital and the struggle of the Syrian and other Arab people in the Middle East to protect their sovereignties, stability and peace.
    The root cause of the grave situation on the Korean peninsula is the ever-worsening U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK and ceaseless nuclear threats, sanctions and pressure on it century after century.
    The DPRK's access to nuclear weapons is the legitimate exercise of its righteous right for self-defence to cope with the U.S. provocative moves for aggression and the DPRK's nuclear force is the treasured sword of justice firmly defending peace on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
    It is the steadfast will and spirit of the service personnel and people of the DPRK to give merciless, thousand-fold punishment to whoever dares hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership.
    Israel would be well advised to think twice about the consequences to be entailed by its smear campaign against the DPRK to cover up the crimes of occupying Arab territories and disturbing peace process in the Middle East. -0-

U.S. Administration's Strong-arm Policy Can Never Work on DPRK: KCNA Commentary

 Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) -- The U.S. test-launched a Minuteman-3 ICBM at an airbase in California at dawn of Wednesday, simulating a "strike on Pyongyang," amid the tensions running high on the Korean peninsula.
    The test-fire, timed to coincide with the earlier-than-scheduled deployment of THAAD equipment and the arrival of the Carl Vinson nuclear aircraft carrier at the East Sea of Korea, makes the world see once again who is to blame for the deteriorating situation on the Korean peninsula.
    It is just the U.S. which has pushed the situation on the peninsula to the brink of nuclear war by staging the largest-ever aggressive joint military drills against the DPRK for the past two months after bringing all sorts of nuclear strategic assets to south Korea.
    The DPRK already filed complaints with the UN Security Council more than once against the U.S. hostile policy which compelled the DPRK to have access to nukes, and the nuclear threat and blackmail vividly manifested in the U.S.-led provocative and aggressive large-scale military drills targeting the DPRK.
    However, the UNSC turned down every complaint but adopted a "resolution" prohibiting the DPRK from taking steps for self-defence without any ground in the light of international law. Worse still, it has neither taken issue with the U.S. over its nuclear threat to other country and missile attack on a non-nuclear state nor faulted its frequent ICBM test-launches.
    It is, indeed, preposterous for the U.S. and its vassal forces to urge the DPRK to "cogitate" while condemning the step taken by the DPRK to bolster its nuclear deterrent for "self-defence" as a "threat" and sidestepping the root cause of the critical situation on the Korean peninsula.
    No one in the world welcomes a gangster blackmailing the owner with a dagger.
    It is an entirely legitimate right to self-defence for the DPRK to further increase its war deterrent to cope with the prevailing grave situation on the peninsula.
    The present reality clearly proves that the DPRK was so right when it made a crucial decision to strengthen its nuclear force in quality and quantity under the uplifted banner of simultaneously developing the two fronts.
    The nuclear force of the DPRK is a treasure sword of justice and reliable war deterrent to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the country and global peace from the nuclear war threat posed by the U.S.
    In case a war breaks out on the peninsula, the U.S. will be held wholly accountable for it, no matter who made preemptive attack. It is because the U.S. has caused troubles by bringing a lot of nuclear strategic assets and special warfare means to strike the DPRK, not content with steady escalation of its hostile policy toward the DPRK.
    Nonsensical and absurd is the policy of "maximum pressure and engagement" worked out by the Trump administration without any elementary sense about reality.
    The Trump administration had better not forget the fact that the reason of the failure of all DPRK policies of its predecessors, notably the hard-line hostile policy, lie in their misjudgment of the DPRK, and that what they faced for the wrong policies were bitter defeats only.
    The U.S. sustained the first defeat since its foundation for igniting a war in the 1950s, being ignorant of its opponent. It was made to sign a written apology for the first time in its history. They were all natural outcome of the DPRK-U.S. standoff.
    How can one call the U.S. a normal country as it desperately persists in hostile policy toward the DPRK despite bitter defeats?
    The more desperately the U.S. resorts to its moves hostile to the DPRK, the stronger the latter becomes. The U.S. ever-increasing military threat makes the latter's fortitude and retaliatory capability get stronger.
    If the U.S. persists in playing chicken to test the will and perseverance of the DPRK, it will be made to actually experience what a real war is like. -0-

Miserable End of Anti-Popular Dictator